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Reputable Brake Repair in Greenville, South Carolina

Mechanic fixing car brakes

Don’t Let Your Brakes Break Down

You know that the brakes on your car are a fundamental safety feature, but are you giving them the care and attention they need to keep you and others safe?
The signs of brake deterioration are not always immediately evident, but over time, the friction and heat given off from stopping your vehicle will gradually wear down brake pads, calipers and other critical brake components. Anderson Road Alignment is here to educate you on the signs of brake wear so you can turn to us to fix them before problems arise.

What to Look For

If you begin to notice that your brake pedal has no resistance or causes squealing, grinding or pulling to one side, come to Anderson Road Alignment immediately for an inspection. These are all signs of brake malfunction and could be an indication that you have insufficient brake fluid, a malfunctioning caliper or too much air in your hydraulic brake lines.
Fortunately, none of these problems is a match for our qualified technicians specializing in brake repair. We are committed to ensuring your brakes are serviced according to the standards of the car’s manufacturer and that only quality parts are used on your vehicle.

Our Recommendation

Our brake experts recommend that, in order to get the maximum performance from your brake system, you have yours inspected annually. One of our certified mechanics will conduct a thorough inspection of every component and provide you with a detailed diagnosis.

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Contact Anderson Road Alignment today for the best brake repair in the industry. All of our brake specialists are committed to your safety on the road. We aim to provide excellent service at an affordable price. Call us or swing by our auto shop today.