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Are Your Wheels Out of Whack? How to Tell


Tires get out of alignment for all kinds of different reasons. Tires can become misaligned if you go over a really bad pothole. It can happen if you slam on your brakes too often or too hard. It can also happen if you simply neglect to have your alignment checked and fixed on a regular basis.

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3 Strategies for Dealing With Engine Detonation


Detonation can devastate a car engine in a relatively short period of time. Detonation happens when the air-fuel mixture inside of your cylinders combusts prematurely - in other words, before the piston has finished compressing it. The pressure generated in this manner works against the motion of the piston, causing potentially serious damage in the process.

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Understanding Your Car's Master Cylinder


The brake systems found in modern cars utilize a variety of different components in order to safely stop your car. While each of these components has a vital role, none plays a larger part than the master cylinder. The master cylinder converts the movement of your brake pedal into the flow of hydraulic fluid necessary for your brake calipers to stop your car.

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